Minford says BREXIT!

David and Ed Wilkinson with Professor Patrick Minford at the 98th Williams Tarr Anniversary Dinner

At the Williams Tarr 98th Anniversary Dinner at Warrington Golf Club on 28th April 2016, guest speaker Professor Patrick Minford CBE, the eminent Economist debated Federal Europe v Brexit:  the economic choices”.

Our staff and over 30 guests were treated to a very lively debate with Patrick expertly fielding numerous searching questions posed by the audience.

The Professor, who was one of Margaret Thatcher’s closest economic advisers, argued overwhelmingly in favour of leaving the EU and moving into a World-wide free trade status.

In 2005 Patrick published a book “Should Britain Leave the EU?” debating the costs and benefits of the EU to the UK, and a second edition was released recently on this controversial topic. He delivered a talk and answered questions on the subject from a Parliamentary Select Committee in November 2015.

The Anniversary celebration was a great success; everyone enjoyed a convivial evening with a five course silver service duck dinner, which has become a tradition over the years.